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Vaccination against IBDv
Prevention of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
Reassortant very virulent IBDV in Europe. Is there a correlation between positivity on broiler farms and the type of vaccine currently used?
A study was initiated on poultry farms in order to have an indication of the spread of this new virus in the Netherlands and to investigate whether there is a relationship between its appearance and...
Diagnosis of Gumboro Disease
Subclinical Gumboro disease caused by variant strains. What impact do they have?
Classification of Gumboro disease (IBDV) became more complex with the discovery of antigenic variant strains (avIBDV) in America and a highly virulent strain (vvIBDV) identified in Europe. More detailed information on the antigenicity, pathogenicity and...
Diagnosis of Gumboro Disease
Variant IBDV strains from different countries. Are they related to each other?
Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) was commonly divided into three main groups according to antigenic and virulence properties: classical virulent (cvIBDV), very virulent (vvIBDV) and antigenic variants (avIBDV).
Vaccination against IBDv
Gumboro disease in layer hens: Not all vaccines are appropriate
Layer hens are more susceptible than broilers to Gumboro disease virus (IBDV) infection. Therefore, a strict control and prevention plan must be implemented in order to avoid the great economic impact that this disease can...
Vaccination against IBDv
In-ovo co-administration of chicken vaccines against coccidiosis and Gumboro disease in broilers
In-ovo vaccination (IO) in commercial broilers is becoming the preferred method of vaccination in many countries. This is attributable to the advance it represents in the automation of the vaccination process and the obvious benefits that this technology...
Vaccination against IBDv
Innovation in subcutaneous chicken vaccination with Hipraject® - the step forward
New developments in the automation of subcutaneous devices are presented for a better vaccination performance in chickens.
Vaccination against IBDv
Effect of maternally derived antibody levels on hatchery Infectious Bursal disease vaccines
Infectious Bursal Disease hatchery vaccines have been developed with the objective of evading the effect of the maternally derived antibodies.
Diagnosis of Gumboro Disease
Differential diagnosis of IBD symptoms in poultry
Laboratory diagnostic techniques such as serology, PCR and histopathology of the bursa will allow the final differentiation between IBD and other diseases.
Prevention of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
Immune complex vaccine
Displacing IBDV variant strains with the use of a new generation immune complex vaccine
The results obtained in this study allow the conclusion to be drawn that vaccination with GUMBOHATCH® is safe and confers adequate protection against circulation of the variant IBDV in chickens under field conditions in Brazil.
Prevention of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
Chicks in a farm
Field experience in Brazil: comparison between a new generation and a standard formulated immune complex Gumboro vaccine
Vaccination with GUMBOHATCH® is safe and confers a faster humoral protection against Gumboro disease for the whole productive cycle of broiler chicks when administered via the in ovo route under field conditions.
Vaccination against IBDv
gumboro vaccine adapted to slow-growing broiler
A next generation immune complex vaccine against Gumboro disease adapted to slow-growing broiler breeds needs
The results of this study confirm that a next generation ICX vaccine like GUMBOHATCH® does not compromise the health or productive performance of slow-growing broilers and thus that it is suitable for application in chickens...
Prevention of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
The 4 key points for efficacious IBDV hatchery vaccination
GLOBAL HATCHERY HEALTH PROGRAMME (GHHP) will bring innovation and real-time control of the HEALTH of the hatchery.
Bursa of Fabricius
Bursa size, an easy tool to evaluate gumboro vaccination programmes
GLOBAL HATCHERY HEALTH PROGRAMME (GHHP) will bring innovation and real-time control of the HEALTH of the hatchery.
Vaccination against IBDv
GLOBAL HATCHERY HEALTH PROGRAMME – A service beyond vaccination for the prevention of Gumboro disease
GLOBAL HATCHERY HEALTH PROGRAMME (GHHP) will bring innovation and real-time control of the HEALTH of the hatchery.
Vaccination against IBDv
Advantages of immune complex vaccines based on IgY of egg origin for the prevention of Infectious Bursal Disease
Immune-complex vaccines are considered as an intelligent tool in the prevention of infectious bursal disease (IBD). These vaccines offer the efficacy of a live virus, but with the advantage of not being neutralized by maternally...
Bursa of Fabricius
Competitive exclusion in the bursa of Fabricius: The hidden protection against IBD
The protection provided in the case of live vaccines involves a step prior to the creation of specific antibodies against IBDV: The competitive exclusion effect in the bursa of Fabricius.
Prevention of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
Avian immunosuppressive diseases: How does immunosuppression affect the poultry industry? - Dr. Miquel Nofrarias’ approach
During the World Poultry Virtual Congress by HIPRA, Dr. Miquel Nofrarias explained the main causes and the impact of avian immunosuppressive disease on the poultry industry.
Prevention of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
Evolution of IBDV. What to expect in the coming years? Dr. Daral Jackwood's approach
Learn more about the antigenic drift of the IBDV and the evolution we should expect of the different strains of Gumboro disease in the coming years from Dr. Daral J. Jackwood .
Bursa of Fabricius
How do IBDV immune complex vaccine viruses arrive at the bursa of Fabricius on the optimal day?
The IBDV immune-complex vaccines were developed in the late 1990s with the aim of having an IBD vaccine that could be given in the hatchery and that could provide protection regardless of the maternal antibody...
Prevention of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
Improvements in Gumboro disease with immune complex vaccines
GUMBOHATCH® is a new immune complex vaccine against Gumboro disease developed by HIPRA. This new immune complex vaccine has introduced a different formulation (IgY of egg origin) and control parameters (free IgY detection and neutralization...
Vaccination against IBDv
Say hello to the new GumboroPrevention site!
Introducing a brand new site entirely devoted to Infectious Bursal Disease: GumboroPrevention contains a BLOG with the latest trends on prevention techniques, live and recorded WEBINARS, technical VIDEOS and scientific PUBLICATIONS to keep you up...
Vaccination against IBDv
Immune complex vaccines against Gumboro: Is there room for improvement?
Immune complex vaccines against Gumboro disease were developed in the late 1990s with the aim of having a biological product that could be administered in a hatchery providing protection and safety, regardless of the level...
Prevention of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
Gumboro disease: 4 key aspects for controlling IBD in your farm
Gumboro disease is a highly contagious disease with great resistance in the environment. Vaccination using drinking water vaccines is one of the most established preventative methods globally.
Diagnosis of Gumboro Disease
A better control of the vaccination process against IBDV is possible
Vaccination against IBDV in hatcheries has become a common practice in poultry since the 90’. The vaccination is performed in-ovo or by subcutaneous injection on the hatch day before the chicks are being placed on...


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