Say hello to the new GumboroPrevention site!

Introducing a brand new site entirely devoted to Infectious Bursal Disease: GumboroPrevention contains a BLOG, live and recorded WEBINARS, technical VIDEOS and scientific PUBLICATIONS to keep you up to date on this major disease. A new era in the prevention of Gumboro disease in poultry starts with the launch of this new site!

Infectious bursal disease is one of the major infectious diseases in the poultry industry, with a worldwide distribution and a high economic impact due to its immunosuppressive effect

Despite the efforts to combat the disease over the last 50 years, the unstoppable evolution of the Gumboro virus has not allowed us to lower our guard and has required the application of new control strategies

The main objective of this microsite is to share updated information with all professionals in the industry, for continuous improvement in the prevention of the disease. 

What does Gumboro Prevention contain?

This site is made up of different sections, such as:

  • Blog: Section dedicated to the dissemination of relevant and updated information in relation to the prevention of Gumboro disease.
  • Webinars: Exclusive training sessions with disease experts on relevant Gumboro prevention topics: diagnostic techniques, vaccination traceability or virus evolution. It also includes the possibility of participating in streamed training sessions.
  • Videos: Contains informative videos to explain, in the simplest way, difficult concepts such as the mechanism of action of vaccines or the molecular diagnosis of the disease.
  • Library: Contains several technical articles on Gumboro disease.
  • Services: Information on innovative services available to professionals for the correct monitoring and execution of Gumboro disease prevention strategies.

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