Subclinical Gumboro disease caused by variant strains. What impact do they have?

Classification of Gumboro disease (IBDV) became more complex with the discovery of antigenic variant strains (avIBDV) in America and a highly virulent strain (vvIBDV) identified in Europe. More detailed information on the antigenicity, pathogenicity and molecular structure of new IBDV isolates made it clear that the descriptive nomenclature used for...

In-ovo co-administration of chicken vaccines against coccidiosis and Gumboro disease in broilers

In-ovo vaccination (IO) in commercial broilers is becoming the preferred method of vaccination in many countries. This is attributable to the advance it represents in the automation of the vaccination process and the obvious benefits that this technology offers in decreased labour costs, especially when large production volumes are managed in broiler hatcheries.

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